lunedì 11 agosto 2014

El Rocío

Adiós Sevilla .
Just want to share with you my selfie with the horse I rode while I was at  " El Rocío  " a very unique place where unfortunately we spend only few hours . A postcard from me and Macarena ( the horse ) . 
Much Love.

Arrivederci Sevilla.
Oggi volevo condividere con voi una foto scattata dopo due giri a cavallo con Macarena ( il cavallo ) mentre mi trovavo a " El Rocío " . Posto unico nel suo genere, simile al set di un film western.
A presto. 

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  1. Beautiful horse ^^


    Oh! There is Style Scrapbook agenda giveaway over at my blog ^^

  2. Hi dear. I am totally inlove with your blog, so stylish! :) Follow each other? let me know and as soon as possible I am do it same. Have a nice day and creative blogging :))

    1. Thank you darling I am so glad you appreciate it.
      Of course we can!
      much love


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